Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I have a dream that someday I will be cruising down the highway in my dream car.At the rate science and technology is advancing,I know that my dream will some come a reality.Although I don`t know much about the rudiments of cars and their fancy names,I do know what I want in my dream car.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I shall never forget this day for the rest of my life

I just could not tear my eyes away from the empty  chair in front of me. It was just too difficult to concentrate on the task in front of me-my science much has happened in just twenty-four hours.

    twenty-four hour ago,razak was siting in front of me,struggling with the history exam.He was so relieved when the exam was over.we went to our usual hangout with the gang.he order his usual teh tarik and i noticed that he looked a little under the weather.He brushed it aside as'exam fever'.Little did i know that it would be the last time i would see him alive.

         Later that night ,i receive a call from aunty nadia .she told me that razak had been admitted to the hospital for suspected dengue fever.Then,she paused paused for what seemed like ages and said in a teaful voice ,"razak has left us.He slipped into a coma and never regained consciousness."i do not recall how i spent the rest of the night.I only remembered calling our friend and we went to razak house.

I looked at my friend who were writing furiouly and i wondered whether they were struggling like me.I glanced at my watch and my watch and realised that it was already 10.30in the morning. we would be going for the funeral service in about an hour.How was i going to say goodbye to my dear friend,my mentor and my counsellor?he was there for me when grandfather passed away five years ago and he had always been like a big brother to me.I could still hear his jokes,his clowning around with us after the exam.How could I not know that he was sick?

        The examination hall was unusually quiet.miss lina signalled us to get into her car.tears blurred my vision.I suddenly remember  the last time we were togerther in her car.we were going for a debate competition and razak  was our first speaker.He made us laugh at his antics till our sides ached.

At the service,Aunty nadia looked calm as we took our places.Then, it was time for my presentation.I took a deep breath.I wanted to say a few words before my song but i choked.Aunty nadia looked at me and smile encouragingly.then,I sang `for the rest my life',razak  favourite song."I once was lost,bust now am found,was blind but now am found,was blind but now i see."As my voice soared,Goodbye,my friend,till we meet again.I shall never forget this day for we meet again.I shall never forget this day for the rest of my life.


stress is defined  as a person  response to his environment.symptoms  of strees include exhaustion ,loss of/increased appetite,headaches,crying,sleppleesness,and oversleeping.Feeling of alarm ,frustration or apathymay accompany stress.

      there are may ways in which  we can reduce stress in our lives.firstly,get  up fifteen  minutes earlier each  morning.that gives you a little more times to eat something,run back to get something you may have forgotten ,or enjoy a cup of coffee before  heading out the door.if your drive to work ,a 15 or 20 minutes head  start may mean facing less traffic ,thus making the journey less stressful.

the next thing that we can do to reduce stress is to confide in someone we trust.Don't keep thing bottled up. talking with someone helps  you put thing in better  perspertive.who know,they may even  have solutions to your problem.Do not be afraid to seek profesional help if you feel you have reached breaking point.

Besides that,learn how to relax .Meditation and breathing exercise have been proven to be very effective in controlling stress.practise  clearing your mind of disturbing thoughts.The  quicket and most effective way of eliminating feeling of stress and panic is to close your eyes and take several long,slow,deep breaths.breathing in this way calms your whole nervous system.simultaneously,you could give yourself some mental pep-talk by mentally repeating .

Finally,learn to set your prioritis  right and do not over-commit yourself.people who are over-committed tend to feel overwhelmed and suffer.reduce the number of event going on in your life and you may reduce the circuit overload.set realistic goals for yourself and put it in not worry over the small stuff but reward youself when you have  been succesful in achieving even some small goals.

how to face important examination day

finally,the day you have been dreading has finally arrived-the all important have checked out the exam hall and your assigned seat.After so many month of preparations and studies,it is time to face the examination.

     how do you face such an important day?firstly,prepare a test kit for duration of your your bag,collect all your supplies such as 2B pencil,several pens and other important stationery,a calculater,your geometry set,the important identity card and your examination slip.put the bag and everthing else that you might need,including some notebook,in one place.This will help to reduce your worries in the morning.

     Many student find difficulty sleeping especially if they are facing their first exam.Allow your body to get back to its normal cycle at learst relaxing music or your favourite radio station before you sleep.try to relax and remember to set your alarm clock.

    Be determined  to arrive early at the examination hall. you have enough to worry about in the morning of the big day.When you arrive at the hall,surround yourself with friends who are supportive or just go through your notes quietly.If it you do not know the answer to any topic,do not go around asking frantically for the answer.the will just upset your mind and send you into panic mode.

   When the exam starts, make sure your question paper is complete.Read the instructions not worry if you cannot answer the very first question or if your mind goes blank.Tell yourself that will all come back.Tackle the easy question and move on to the next question even if you have not finished the first.plan your answer and try to be neat.

    Finallly,after each paper,go home and rest .Do not worry about what you could have done or did not do.Try not to discuss the answer with you should not allow anything to upset the rest of the examination.